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Transportation and logistics manager

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Transportation and logistics manager

I arranged, planned and executed international transportation between Finland and Sweden. We imported fish from Stockholm and sold and delivered it to high-end restaurants in Helsinki.

It was a small company bringing quality fresh fish and seafood from a vendor in Stockholm to the "better" restaurants in Helsinki and my job was to plan the most efficient routes to get a van from Helsinki to Stockholm and back. Of course then I needed to drive the thing and get and deliver the fishes. There was responsibility in arranging all the boat trips I had to do twice a week but the biggest responsibilty was in the quality control of the merchandise. There was no one else between the product and the customer than me and it was my job to make sure what we were delivering was of the highest quality. So you can probably see what I'm aiming at here? I know that quality is everything. Nothing is worth doing like sh*t. Everything's worth doing if it's done well.

Main tasks:
Planning logistics
Quality assurance

driving, planning, logistics,

Went bankrupt

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