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Golf Center Oy // Golf Equipment Seller

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Golf equipment seller

My job was to sell new golf equipment to golfers. I also gave advice on other golf equipment (bags, clothes, balls gloves etc). I also worked at our demo center where my job was to asses clients needs and offer them proper clubs fitting their needs and skill level. After that the sales needed to be closed so that the customer could just go pick up their new clubs at our store. The job also consisted of some club repairs and grip changes.

What I learned from this? Selling. That's propably the biggest thing I learned. There are of course nuances to that. I learned to read people and understand their needs, wants and no-no's. Golf is such a personal game that every customer is actually an island. They have personal needs and personas and you need to get to the bottom of it before you know what is going to work just for them. I think I have pretty keen sense for finding sweetspots and what works be it with people or services.

Main tasks:
Equipment specialist
Demo presenter
Customer service
Equipment maintenance

selling, customer service, customer orientation, maintenance,

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