10.12 - Present

Communications Designer // Online-producer

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I started as communications designer in our internal communications team and my responsibilities we’re the planning and executing of internal videos and visuals to our internal communications. I also got our internal video service and digital signage to look after and develop. My job changed to Online-producer after some changes in our organization. After that I got to run and develop our Youtube channel, that aforementioned internal channel and keep on doing videos both internally and to public use. I have also been part of planning new strategies for different businesses and Elisa as a whole.

My main work has still always been videos. I've shot probably somewhere around 250 videos in my time here. There's been every type of video almost imaginable. Talking heads, interviews, events, scripted content, stock video mashups, motion graphics and whatnot. I've learned a lot about storytelling, composition, color grading and everything essential to making good videos with good content.

So, learnings? How to act and understand corporate state of mind. Also strategic thinking and understanding of company agendas. I've learned a lot about creating brand story and managing brand image. It'll take forever to list all the things I've learned in my time at Elisa.

Main tasks:
Motion Graphics Illustration In-house video strategy Internal digital signage Youtube channel development and admin

video, graphic design, storyelling, branding, problem solving, strategy

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